Big Hole Brewing was founded in 1996 and began brewing that same year in Belgrade, Montana. The brewery was named in recognition and honor of the Big Hole Valley, one of Montana’s pristine wilderness regions with some of the most breathtaking scenery in the State.

Headstrong Montana Pale Ale and Mythical White Grand Reserve ales are now available to beer enthusiasts in 16oz aluminum cans in specialty beer retailers in Kalispell, Missoula, Butte, Wisdom, Bozeman and Big Sky, Montana.

In 1996 Big Hole Brewing introduced Headstrong Pale Ale. Headstrong is Hand-Built with 100% Montana barley and kettle hopped with massive amounts of aroma and bittering hops from the Pacific Northwest. Headstrong is characterized by a rich amber color, fruity and zesty aromas and long, satisfying hoppy finish with 7% alcohol by volume. A year later, Big Hole Brewing introduced Mythical White Grand Reserve; perhaps our most unique and highly revered beer. Mythical White is named in recognition of the mythical white bison of Native American folklore. Legend has it that any encounter with one of rare bison would to bring peace and prosperity. Mythical White is brewed in the Belgian spiced golden ale tradition with a combination of pilsner malts and Montana wheat and a masterful blend of sweet and bitter orange peel, coriander and chamomile. Pale golden color with an invitingly spicy nose, rich mouth feel and long, spicy finish with 7% alcohol by volume.

Accolades // What people are saying about us

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Fred Eckhardt

World famous Beer Writer and Connoisseur

“Mythical indeed, this is truly a beer from which to mold legends. Powerful.”

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Michael Jackson

Legendary Beer Critic and author

“It pours with a terrific snowy head over a pale yellowish opalescence; has a lovely, fresh fragrant bouquet and a nice orange flavour”.

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Garrett Oliver

Internationally Recognized Brewer

“The aroma is citric, fruity and spicy. Nicely done with a judicious hand, very Belgian, and original as well. Admirable”

Time Line // Click on the Check Marks and Take a look at our Story

  • 1996

    Headstrong Founded

    Big Hole Brewing was founded in 1996 to meet the increasing demand and popularity of premium specialty beers. Dedicated to being Montana's Leading Craft brewer, Big Hole introduced rich tasting specialty ales hand-built in Montana.

  • 1997

    first known Trappist beer tastings in America

    Over the years, Big Hole Brewing has worked to educate and excite local craft beer enthusiasts. In May 1997 Big Hole Brewing hosted one of the first known Trappist beer tastings in America at our brewery then located in Belgrade. Twenty years ago the beer scene was really just developing and it was extremely difficult to locate all of the Trappist (beer brewed at a Monastery, under the supervision of the Monks) and Big Hole Brewing took the lead in educating local retail and beer enthusiasts on these extremely rare beers.

  • 1999

    Trans-Atlantic Brewing

    In the summer of 1998, Big Hole Brewery pushed the boundaries in the early craft brewing industry by joining with Brasserie La Chouffe of Belgium to host one of the first trans-Atlantic collaborative brewing projects between an American and European brewery. Brasserie d’ Achouffe brewer Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts traveled from their own brewery located in the tiny town of Achouffe in the Ardennes to Belgrade, Montana to brew what became The Big Boogaloo, a Belgian Strong Dark ale based on a recipe created by a Louis Proot a former brewer of the Trappist Chimay Brewery. Authentic Belgian ingredients including brewing sugar and yeast were imported to Montana for this pioneering brewing event.

  • 2008

    Limited Release of Wisdom Amber Ale

    Malt focused with a mild hop character, Wisdom Amber Ale is a well balanced amber ale with light fruitiness and toasted malt characteristics.

  • 2015

    Headstrong and Mythical White Available in 16oz Cans

    We’ve recognized for a long time that Montanans really enjoy their favorite craft beer from the convenience of a can. We’ve worked over the last few years to find a brilliant solution to offer our beers in a format that provides the best packaging ensuring beer quality, quick chilling and easy handling for either the back-yard or the back-country experience. To meet this end, we have partnered with the brewing artisans at Outlaw Brewing in Bozeman to work with us to brew our world class ales and package these onsite with their new craft beer canning line.

  • 2016

    Mythical White Available on Draft

    20 years after being a MT pioneer in craft brewing, Big Hole Brewing continues to innovate. We are super excited to announce that for the first time, we will release our most highly acclaimed beer, Mythical White Grand Reserve, on tap in limited quantities beginning in May. Mythical White, a delightful Belgian style wit with layered notes of subtle spice.

  • 2016

    Limited Release of Diablo Black IPA

    Our love of hops is boundless so we've twisted up an old favorite and turned our brewers loose to create our very own Black India Pale Ale. Loose yourself in its deep, dark soul. Taste the hops, chew the malts and live the dream!

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We’ve been hand crafting our specialty beer for nearly two decades here in the Gallatin Valley with pure Montana water from the Yellowstone watershed, Montana barley and hops sourced from the

Pacific North West.

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Big Hole Brewery was established in 1996 and is named in honor of the Big Hole River, one of the country’s most pristine trout fishing rivers.
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